Class Descriptions

Pre Ballet Combo (ages 3-6)
Through pre ballet, students will begin to learn basic steps in ballet, tap, and tumbling. Students will learn coordination, basic rhythms, creative movement and classroom etiquette.

Beginning Ballet (ages 6-10)
Students will learn the basics of ballet-technique and terminology. They will become more coordinated while learning focus, positivity, and responsibility. Pre Pointe is introduced during the later levels, which eventually lead to pointe work.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet (ages 10 & up)
Steps become more advanced while building strength. Focus, positivity, and responsibility concepts mature. Pointe is introduced with teacher approval.

Pointe is a beautiful extension of ballet, which requires tremendous strength, balance and turn out from the hips. Students who wish to dance en pointe must be at least 12 years of age, have had five years of ballet training, and meet teacher approval. It is recommended to take two ballet classes in addition to pointe class.

Tap/Jazz (ages 7 & up)
Once students enter Beginning Ballet (age 7) then they may elect to take a ½ hour class in Tap or Jazz. Ballet is required in order to take Tap or Jazz, as it is the foundation of dance and many of the terms learned in ballet will be used in Tap and Jazz.

Adult Ballet
These classes are designed for adults wanting to learn ballet for the first time, or to get back into dancing.

Pilates (ages 10 & up)
Pilates mat classes are designed to strengthen core muscles to aid in posture, upper body strength, balance, and flexibility.