Bergmann School of Dance Policies

Attire and Etiquette
Bergmann School Of Dance attire is based on the Texas Association Teachers Of Dancing, Inc. dress code:

  1. Dress Code-Girls: Ballet: Tights-Capezio 1916 Ballet Pink, pink ballet shoes, long hair up in ponytail or bun, short hair away from face.
  2. a. Leotard:
    • Ages 3-4 Light Pink with attached skirt
    • Ages 5-6 Spearmint or Seafoam Green with attached skirt
    • Primary-Light Blue with attached skirt
    • Level 1 Ballet-Light Purple or Lavender with attached skirt
    • Level 2 and up – Black Leotard
  3. Boys: Black ballet shoes, black jazz pants or tights, plain T-shirt.
  4. Jazz/Tap: Leotard from Ballet class and tan jazz shoes, black tap shoes.
  5. Optional-Ballet (Level 2 & up): ballet skirt Jazz (Level 2 & up): black jazz pants or form fitting shorts.
  6. No large jewelry. Example-hoop earrings, long necklaces.
  7. Appropriate cover up should be worn outside the dance studio.
  8. Cell phones should be turned off/silenced during class. Class transitions or time off the dance floor are NOT times to check cell phones!
  9. No food or drink other than water allowed on the dance floors.
  10. Students are expected to pick up after themselves in order to keep the studio clean.
  11. Bergmann School Of Dance requires all students/parents/guardians to adhere to all policies to ensure a safe environment for everyone.
  12. Any student whose behavior is detrimental to class will be dismissed and will require a parent/teacher meeting.

We want our students to be safe in the studio. Please understand the following:

  1. All students 6 & under shall be accompanied by a parent or dance faculty to the restroom.
  2. Parents are responsible for their children before and immediately after class.
  3. Parents must call if someone other than themselves are picking up student(s).
  4. Students shall remain in the lobby area until parents pick them up.
  5. No dancing shoes outside the studio.
  6. Appropriate cover up should be worn outside the studio.

All students have 2 excused absences. All other absences must be made up either in a different class during the week or during Saturday Open Class in the spring. Making up classes encourages responsibility, prevents injuries, and gives students a sense of being a part of something bigger than themselves. There are no refunds for classes canceled due to bad weather, holidays or illness.

Perfect Attendance
Students who make up ALL classes missed, INCLUDING excused absences will receive a Perfect Attendance Award at the recital.

Open Class
Towards the end of Feb. we will have Open Class on Saturdays 10:00-11:30 for those who need to make up classes or would like to have extra time to practice their recital dances.

Visitor’s Day
Visitor’s Weeks will be the first full week of each month. Limiting visitors to once a month allows students to focus on the material being taught, and it also gives students a special time to look forward to showing their parents what they have learned.

We love to have visitors during Visitor’s Week and have rules to ensure it is a great experience for all:

  1. Please keep talking to a whisper. Loud chatter/electronic games are distracting to our dancers.
  2. Please keep toddlers off the dance floor so we don’t run into them.
  3. If little guests are disruptive, please take them outside.
  4. Pictures/recordings are fine, but other than that, please put your phone away and give your attention to your dancer, because I can guarantee that he/she is watching you and seeking your approval.

Invoices will be emailed to parents/guardians. Clicking on the invoice will connect to waveapps.com for secure payment via debit/credit card. Instructor will accept payments by check or cash at the studio. Please note on Registration Form method of payment. If paying by wave apps please note whether permission is granted to automatically run card at the beginning of each month during the school year. This will also include Recital Fee in August or September, Costume Deposit(s) in December, and Costume Balance in April.

Monthly Tuition is due the first week of each month. Balances paid after the 10th will be charged a late fee of $15.00. There will be a $25.00 charge for returned checks. Students with tuition one month overdue will require a conference between parents/guardians and the director. Students with tuition two months overdue will be dismissed.

Ice/Snow Days

We will close if Weatherford ISD is closed unless snow/ice melts in time for class.


We will move to the Pythian Home’s storm shelter if conditions are favorable for a tornado.

There are no refunds due to inclement weather, but student is welcome to make up for missed classes. Canceled classes due to bad weather DO NOT count as an absence.